Sammy the Elf - Day 1

Hey guys! I have had so many of you encourage me, ask me questions, and give me so many ideas for our elf named Sammy, so I have decided to create a blog specifically for him for you all to follow. This year I will do my best to post my inspirational links if I have them to help you in your elf journey for yourselves. Please feel free to share, comment, or ask me any questions and I will be happy to help (if I can). I am so humbled by all of the support we have received each year as our Sammy appears. The kids really do love him and they look forward to him each year. 

I will start this blog off with our Day 1 for 2017. Sammy has arrived and he brought a letter and reindeer M&M's for the kids. Knowing that today is December 1st, when the kids got up this morning, they immediately starting searching for him. Makynlee has been asking to just go stare at him all day and has told me that she loves Sammy more times than I can count. That is why I love doing him each year. Here are a few pictures of his arrival. 


There is no direct link for the inspiration for this one. I just did a Pinterest search and put a few different ideas together. I did create my own template and purchased the elf digital background from etsy that only cost me about two dollars I think (which will come out to $.08 per day to use).   Now I can use that the whole month. Yay!! I did purchase that box from hobby Lobby and all of their Christmas stuff is 50% off. The M&M's came from Randalls, you buy two get two free. Total cost for this project = $7.39. (more than I would spend usually but hey, it's his first day and the kids love candy. lol