Hi there and thank you for stopping by. Here you will find my personal project I am currently trying to work on. This is something completely new so bare with me on the emptiness right now. 

You will also probably see my youngest daughter the most as she is usually always home so that automatically volunteers her to be my wonderful subject. lol  I will trying my best to attempt this 52 week project, so if you're interested in following along, just keep checking back here to view the most recent images.

This year, as I do my 52 week project, I will be working on perspectives, finding the light, trying to be better at using low light and macro.  I have a whole year to learn so I am definitely excited. I normally shoot 1-2 stops over exposed and I want to try to get a little moodier images by under exposing by 1-2 stops. This will definitely be a huge commitment, but I am excited to try something new and learn as much as possible. I can't wait to compare my first images to the end of the project.  Hope you you guys enjoy! 


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