I have been horrible at keeping up with my blog and am so far behind I have no idea where to begin. ha! So, today I figured I would start updating it and start posting what I have been up to the past year and a half. 

Meet Shelby - I photographed this beautiful bride earlier last year (I know a year ago what?!! lol).  We used the (now old building) Houston Rental Studio. You can check out their new space by clicking HERE. It's really an amazing space!! 

Since this session, so much has happened and this beautiful bride lost her husband this year. She's been on my mind for a while now. If you could, would you please keep her in your thoughts and prayers? Thanks so much! I am so glad I did get these for her so she can cherish these memories forever. 

Feel free to leave some love or even share a message with her below. Happy Friday!