This months theme was "view from here". I have to tell you, I really struggled with this one. Everywhere I drove, I kept thinking of how I could interpret my "view" into my blog post...... I thought and thought and thought.... I really wanted a cool view, but the other night it hit me, what if I just did MY view as a mom for one of my evenings. So, here is what I came up with.

My view from here is told from my perspective as a busy mom of four kids. Basically, this is my view each night as I stand in the kitchen and cook dinner for our family.   I usually start cooking dinner around 5:15(ish) depending on what we are havingthat night but I was running late this particular evening. I do try to multitask while cooking dinner, well at least I try anyway. I usually have to help with homework, or try to keep Makynlee from destroying my house (one picture shows how she likes to throw things on the floors lol) , answer questions from 4 kids talking all at once, etc. Being a mom is so tiring at times and it sure is a lot of work but I sure do love my view! I enjoy being able to spend time with my kids and be able to cook meals for them. I love my little family so much.

I hope you guys enjoy "my view from here" from my kitchen.  At the bottom of this post I've listed the next amazing photographer so don't forget to check her out too.


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