This is month two of our blog circle and our theme this time is lines. Let me tell you, this one was a bit of a challenge at first. Since the beginning though, I started seeing lines everywhere. The themes we have been working on the past two months, have really helped me see things differently and I cannot wait for more to come.

Since the beginning of the lines theme,  I have been seeing lines everywhere I go. I mean... they really are everywhere!! lolThere was a beautiful sunset the other night and I thought wow... I know a place I'd love to try out for this theme.  Can you guess where I took these images?  They were done right at one of the entrances to our subdivision at an oil change/tire place.  Pretty neat huh?  I've been really trying to think outside the box and and work on perspectives,  it's something I am really trying to improve on. I hope you guys enjoy these. Btw, this beautiful gal is one of my daughters Camryne.  She always makes pictures turn out better. :)  Show her some love and don't forget to read below to check out the next great photographer. She will definitely inspire you.

Next up we have a wonderful life-style photographer Jessica with Samarie-Lei Photography.  She is amazing at documenting stories and is a huge inspiration to me. I just absolutely love her work and her style.  You can read about her blog circle post by clicking HERE.   I hope you guys enjoy our posts.