I am finally getting around to posting these. I have no idea why I procrastinated for so long. LOL
Oh well. I'm so happy to finally be able to share some of these photos.  First, I would like to thank our cake maker Ashlee. She was really super awesome in putting together this cake last minute. I hired her for a specific date because she was available, but the weather just did NOT cooperate that day and she called me to ask if I wanted to reschedule. The next scheduled date, Makynlee fell on her face the day BEFORE her cake smash. Oh gosh.. I was so worried, but I called her up and she told me no problem. I even sent her a picture of my baby's face. I went ahead and scheduled the next date again for the third time and it started pouring down rain that day.... sigh...  I ended up just having it made and accepted the fact that I was never going to have a "perfect" day for this. We stuck the cake in the fridge where it sat for only one day because we were able to use it the next day. YAY!! Fourth time's a charm right? haha I was so excited and nervous about my own child's cake smash. Why? I have no idea. I get so nervous before any session. We were running late for it though, because I was waiting for the whole family to be there to watch her just eat this beautiful cake. Funny right? I got there as the sun was already past where I had wanted it, but I did manage to get some shots before we lost the sun completely. I'm so glad. There was no way that cake was going back home to try again. haha <---really.. no way!!

Anyway, I'd like to Thank Ashlee from Ashlees All Occasions for being so flexible and making sure we had a beautiful cake! You can visit her Facebook page HERE. Please tell her that I sent you if you decide to use her!! :)  She was really awesome to work with!!

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!!

And we can't leave out big brother now can me?  LOL